Websites Sending Cookies to Google Chrome 55


How do I know what cookies a Website is sending to Google Chrome 55?



When you are visiting a Website, it sends cookies to Google Chrome. If you want to know what cookies a Website is sending to your computer, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Run Google Chrome 55 and visit Sign in with your Google Account page.

2. Click the "! > Settings" icon menu from the top right corner of the window. You see the "chrome://settings" page showing up.

3. Click the "Show advanced settings..." link. You see additional sections of settings showing up.

4. Click the "Content settings" button in the "Privacy" section. You see the "chrome://settings/content" page showing up.

5. Click the "All cookies and site data..." button. You see the "chrome://settings/cookies" page showing up with a list of sites and their cookies

6. Click and open the "" site. You see two cookies displayed: GALX and GAPS.

7. Click the "GALX" cookie. You see details of the cookie displayed:

    Name: GALX
 Content: qsrKLFyvMpc
    Path: /
Send for: Encrypted connections only
Accessible to script: Yes

The pictrure below shows you the view "Cookies" screen in Chrome 55:
Google Chrome 55 - Viewing Cookies.


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