Web Companion Bundled in FileZilla Client


What is Web Companion that bundled FileZilla Client? Why Web Companion gets installed on my computer?

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Web Companion is a software program developed by Lavasoft and described as: "For a better, safer and lighter web experience. With hundreds of thousands of new strands of viruses created every day, Web Companion complements your antivirus and browser's protection against the latest and freshest malware and attacks."

If you download and install the FileZilla Client package, you may get Web Companion installed on your computer too, because Web Companion is bundled in the FileZilla Client package.

If you are not comfortable with Web Companion, you can uninstall it using these steps:

1. Go to "Control panel > Programs > Programs and Features"

2. Double-click on "Web Companion" and follow the instruction to finish uninstallation.

The picture below shows the "Web Companion" option during the FileZilla installation process:
FileZilla Client Setup Option - Web Companion


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