Find Section Breaks in Microsoft Word


How to find all section breaks in a Microsoft Word document? I want to review them.



Section breaks in a Word document can be invisible and can cause formatting issues. Here are some tips to help you to find section breaks:

1. Turn on formatting marks - Click "Home" > "Show/Hide" or press Ctrl-*. You have to turn on formatting marks in the document, so that you can see where a section break is located. A section break mark will look like: "::::::Section Breaks...::::::".

2. Scroll down and up to locate a section break mark.

3. Search for section breaks in the Navigation pane - Click "Home" > "Find" or press Ctrl-F, then enter "^b", Word will display the total counts of section breaks found in the document. Click "Next" icon to locate the next section break mark.

4. Search for section breaks in advanced search dialog box - Click "Home" > "Advanced Find", then select "Section Break" in the "Special" dropdown list in the "More" options section on the Find and Replace dialog box. Click "Find Next" icon to locate the next section break mark.


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