Types of DITA Topic Documents


What are different types of DITA Topic Documents?

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DITA Topic Documents can be divided into 6 different types:

  • DITA Generic Topic Document - Is intended for a description of any generic topic.
  • DITA Task Topic Document - Lists a series of steps that users follow to produce an intended outcome. The steps are contained in a taskbody element, which is a specialization of the generic body element. The steps element is a specialization of an ordered list element.
  • DITA Concept Topic Document - Is more objective, containing definitions, rules, and guidelines for a single concept.
  • DITA Reference Topic Document - Is for topics that describe command syntax, programming instructions, and other reference material, and usually contains detailed, factual material.
  • DITA Glossary Topic Document - Is used for defining a single sense of a given term. In addition to identifying the term and providing a definition, this topic type might also have basic terminology information, along with any acronyms or acronym expansions that may apply to term.
  • DITA Troubleshooting Topic Document - Describes a condition that the reader may want to correct, followed by one or more descriptions of its cause and suggested remedies.


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