Setup User Accounts for FileZilla Server


How to Setup User Accounts for FileZilla Server?



In order for clients to download or upload files on a FileZilla Server, you have to setup a user account for each client as described:

1. Start the FileZilla Server.

2. Start the FileZilla Server Interface.

3. Click "Edit > Users" menu. You see users setting screen showing up.

4. Click "Add" below the uses list panel. And a user name like "jack".

5. Select "General" page, check "Password" checkbox, and enter a password like "DontTell".

6. Select "Shared Folders" page, add a folder like E:\log.

7. Review the access permissions for "jack" on the added folder. "Read" only is good for download files. For upload file, "Create" and "Write" are needed.

8. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Now "jack" can use FTP client program to upload or download files through the FileZilla Server.

FileZilla Server Interface - Add User
FileZilla Server Interface - Add User


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