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What is the file extension .odt stands for? What are the benefits of using .odt files?

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File extension .odt stands for OpenDocument Text.

.odt is one of file extensions defined in the OpenDocument Format (ODF) specification. Other commonly used extensions are:

*.odt for text (word processing) documents
*.ods for spreadsheets
*.odp for presentations
*.odg for graphics
*.odf for formulae, mathematical equations

Main features of .odt files are:

1. Am .odt file is a ZIP archive contains a number of XML files and resource files.

2. OpenDocument Format (ODF) is supported by a number of software companies including Adobe, Google, IBM, Microsoft, OpenOffice, Sun, Corel, etc.

3. ODF separates the content, styles, metadata and application settings into four separate XML files.

4. An .odt file has similar structures as a .docx file.


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