Line Breaks When Converting Word Documents to Text Files


How to maintain line breaks when converting word documents to text files? When I convert Word documents into text files, each paragraph of text becomes one line of text. Long paragraphs become long text lines. Can I add line breaks to make text lines shorter?



Yes, you can easily add line breaks when converting Word documents to text files with Word in 7 steps:

1. Open your word document (extension .docx) in Word.

2. Increase left margin and right margin to make paragraphs narrower.

3. Click the File menu, then click Save As menu item. You will see the "Save As" box showing up.

4. In the "Save as type:" field, select "Plain Text (*.txt)" option from the dropdown list.

5. Click the Save button. You will see the File Conversion dialog box showing up. Make the "Insert line breaks" checkbox checked.

6. Click the OK button on the dialog box. You will see a warning message dialog box showing up.

7. Click the OK button to ignore the warning. A text file will be created with line breaks added to keep text lines having same lengths as in the original word document.


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