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What files are stored inside a OpenDocument .odt file? According to OpenDocument Format specification, an .odt file is a ZIP archive containing many XML files. How many files are stored inside an .odt file and what are they?



The number of files stored inside an .odt document depends on how many pictures and objects are included in the document. Here is a list of files inside an .odt document with 1 picture and 1 object:

           73,646 content.xml
   <DIR>          media
   <DIR>          META-INF
            1,039 meta.xml
               39 mimetype
           33,792 Object 1
   <DIR>          ObjectReplacements
            1,385 settings.xml
            7,015 styles.xml

          225,908 image1.png

              984 manifest.xml

           50,060 Object 1


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