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How many supporting files are generated when converting a Microsoft Word document into a Web page with the "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)" format?

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When converting a document into a Web page using the "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)" format, Microsoft Word generates one HTML file and many supporting files. The exact number of supporting files generated by Word depends on how many pictures and objects embedded in the original word document.

For example, I have a word document file called Word_Tutorials.docx with one picture and one Excel object embedded inside. When I convert this word document into a Web page, I see 1 HTML file and 8 supporting files generated by Word as listed below:

           62,898 Word_Tutorials.htm
  <DIR>           Word_Tutorials_files

              314 colorschememapping.xml
              380 filelist.xml
          225,908 image001.png
           20,801 image002.jpg
            6,363 image003.emz
           19,973 image004.gif
           10,752 oledata.mso
            3,081 themedata.thmx


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