Convert to Microsoft Word to Other Document Types


How to convert word documents to other document types? I have a word document created with Microsoft Word, Can I convert it to other document types?



Yes, you can easily convert word documents to other document types with Word in 3 steps:

1. Open your word document in Word.

2. Click the File menu, then click Save As menu item. You will see the Save As box showing up.

3. In the "Save as type:" dropdown list, select another document type, then click the Save button.

Microsoft Word allows you to convert word document to 31 other document types:

Word Document (*.docx)
Word Macro-Enabled Document (*.docm)
Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
Word Template (*.dotx)
Word Macro-Enabled Template (*.dotm)
Word 97-2003 Template (*.dot)
PDF (*.pdf)
XPS Document (*.xps)
Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtm)
Web Page (*htm; *.html)
Web Page, Filtered (*htm; *.html)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
Plain Text (*.txt)
Word XML Document (*.xml)
Word 2003 XML document (*.xml)
OpenDocument Text (*.odt)
Word 2.x for Windows (*.doc)
Word 4.x for Macintosh (*.mcw)
Word 5.x for Macintosh (*.mcw)
Word 5.1 for Macintosh (*.mcw)
Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)
Word 97 & 6.0/95 Thai Converter (*.rtf)
Word 97 & 6.0/95 Vietnamese Converter (*.rtf)
Word 97-2000 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)
WordPerfect 5.0 (*.doc)
WordPerfect 5.0 Secondary File (*.doc)
WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS (*.doc)
WordPerfect 5.1 or %.2 Secondary File (*.doc)
WordPerfect 5.x for Windows (*.doc)
Works 4.0 for Windows (*.wps)
Works 6.0 - 9.0 (*.wps)


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