Types of Add-Ins Supported in Microsoft Word


What types of Add-Ins supported in Microsoft Word?

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Microsoft Word supports a number of Add-In types. Here is a list of Add-In types supported in Microsoft Word 2013:

  • COM Add-ins - A COM (Component Object Model) Add-in is an in-process COM server (an ActiveX DLL) that must implement the IDTExensibility2 interface. All COM Add-ins must implement each of the five methods of this interface: OnConnection, OnStartupComplete, OnAddinsUpdate, OnBeginShutDown, and OnDisconnection.
  • Actions - An Action Add-in provides an additional action in through the right-click menu.
  • Word Add-Ins - A Word Add-in is an add-in specific to Microsoft Word.
  • Templates - A Template Add-in provides additional template definitions.
  • XML Schemas - An XML Schemas Add-in provides additional XML schema to generate XML files.
  • XML Expansion Packs - An XML Expansion Pack Add-in is a smart document that to provide expansion components.


Manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Word

Managing Add-ins on Microsoft Word

Managing Add-ins on Microsoft Word

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