Manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Word


How to manage Add-Ins in Microsoft Word? I want to disable some add-ins that I am not using.



It's good an idea to disable add-ins in Microsoft Word that you are not using. This will make Microsoft Word faster and more secure. Here is how manage add-ins in Microsoft Word:

1. Click "File > Options" menu. You see the World Options dialog box showing up.

2. Click "Add-Ins" in the left panel. You see "View and manage Microsoft Office Add-Ins" panel showing up.

3. Select the add-in type like "COM Add-Ins" and click "GO" near the bottom. You see the list of "COM Add-Ins" showing up.

4. Uncheck the checkbox next to the add-in in the list, for example, "GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin". Click "OK" to save the change.

The unchecked add-in is disabled now.

Manage and Disable Add-in in Microsoft Word
Manage and Disable Add-in in Microsoft Word

You should disable as much as possible add-ins in Microsoft Word to save time (Word starts faster) and to be more secure (lower risk of getting virus).


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