'GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin' in Microsoft Word


What is "GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin" in Microsoft Word? Should I disable it?

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"GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin" is a COM Add-in module for Microsoft office produced by Citrix Systems. It is primary designed to add a toolbar in Outlook to schedule, host, or join meetings through the GoToMeeting conference service.

"GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin" is supported from the C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Citrix\GoToMeeting\5742\G2MOutlookAddin.dll file.

You should disable GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin from Word, there is no use for this addin in Word.

If you subscribed to GoToMeeting conference service, you should keep GoToMeeting Outlook COM Addin in Outlook only. It will help you to manage GoToMeeting within Outlook.


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