Watching Tracking Data on Fitbit Server


Where to go to see my Fitbit tracking data? My Fitbit device is connected to the Fitbit dongle on my computer.



Your Fitbit tracking data is uploaded to the Fitbit server automatically. So you need to login to the Fitbit server to see your tracking data:

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address and password to login

3. Click on "Dashboard" menu. You will see a number of diagrams presenting different types of activities recorded by your Fitbit device today.

The list of activities are:

  • Number of steps walked
  • Total distance walked
  • Number of floors climbed
  • Total calorie burned
  • Workout duration
  • Total sleeping time.

Below is a picture of a Fitbit dashboard example showing activity tracking data of the current day:

Fitbit Dashboard of Tracking Data
Fitbit Dashboard of Tracking Data


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