Features Supported on Teams Meeting


What are Features Supported on Teams Meeting?

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There are many features supported on Teams Meeting. Here are some of them:

  • Video - Turn on/off video and manage related options.
  • Audio - Turn on/off audio and manage related options.
  • Share tray - Turn on/off screen share and manage related options
  • More - List of other features.
  • Device Settings - Change device settings.
  • Meeting Notes - Show and record meeting notes.
  • Full Screen - Enter and exit full screen mode.
  • Raise hand - Raise your hand to gain attention
  • Gallery - Display participants in different gallery modes.
  • Keypad - Display keypad to dail a phone number.
  • Recording - Start and stop recording.
  • End Meeting.
  • Incoming Video - Turn on and off incoming video.
  • End Meeting.
  • Chat - Chat with other participants.
  • Participants - List participants and manage interactions.
Features Supported on Teams Meeting
Features Supported on Teams Meeting


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