Share Screen on Teams Meeting


How to Share Screen on Teams Meeting?



You can follow these to share the entire desktop or just one application window in a Teams Meeting.

1. Click "Share Tray" icon in the meeting menu bar. You see the list of share options.

  • Screenshare > Entire Screen - Shares everything running on the desktop. This may not be a good option, if you are running some sensitive apps on the screen.
  • Screenshare > Window - Shares a selected application window only. This is a safer option.
  • Screenshare > Browser tab - Share a selected tab of the Web browser.
  • PowerPoint - Share the selected PowerPoint window only, if it is running.
  • Brows - Upload files and let Teams to open and share it in the meeting.
  • Whiteboard - Share a whiteboard to allow participants to write and draw.
  • In - Use share service from Freehand by InVision

2. Click "Share" button to start share. The "Share" button is grayed out, if you have not selected any screen option to share.

Share Screen on Teams Meeting
Share Screen on Teams Meeting


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