Turn Off/On Microsoft Security Defaults


How to Turn Off/On Microsoft Security Defaults? I am the administrator or our Microsoft Business Account.

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If you are the administrator of your Microsoft 365 Business account, you can follow this tutorial to turn on or turn off Microsoft Security Defaults for all users in your organization.

1. Sign in to your Microsoft Business Account and navigate to Microsoft 365 admin center. Or go to https://admin.microsoft.com/ directly.

2. Click and open the admin menu below the account menu at the top left corner of the screen.

3. Select "Admin centers > Azure Active Directory". You see the Azure Active Directory admin center.

4. Click "Azure Active Directory" from the admin menu on the left. You see a list of Active Directory admin tools.

5. Scroll down on the tool list and select "Properties". You see "Tenant properties" panel.

6. Scroll down on the panel and click "Manage Security defaults". You see the "Enable Security defaults" section.

7. Click "Yes" or "No" on the "Enable Security defaults" switch to turn on or turn off Microsoft Security Defaults.

8. Click "Save" to save the change.

Turn Off Microsoft Security Defaults
Turn Off Microsoft Security Defaults


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