What Is Microsoft Security Defaults


What Is Microsoft Security Defaults? How is it related to Microsoft Baseline Policies?

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Microsoft Security Defaults is a set of security policies to make it easier to help protect user accounts under your Microsoft business plan.

Microsoft Security Defaults was introduced in early 2020 to replace Microsoft Baseline Policies.

Microsoft Security Defaults provides the following preconfigured security settings:

  • Requiring all users to register for Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Requiring administrators to do multi-factor authentication.
  • Blocking legacy authentication protocols.
  • Requiring users to do multi-factor authentication when necessary.
  • Protecting privileged activities like access to the Azure portal.

Microsoft Security Defaults is required for all Microsoft business account. If you have just signed up for a Microsoft business plan. You will the following warning message when you login to your account.

Help us protect your account 

Microsoft has enabled Security Defaults to keep your 
account secure. 

[Learn more about the benefits of Security Defaults]
[Skip for now (14 days until this is required)]


So you have to click "Next" to complete the Security Defaults settings.

Microsoft Security Defaults Policy Required
Microsoft Security Defaults Policy Required


Turn Off/On Microsoft Security Defaults

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