Microsoft Business Admin Center - Manage User


How to manage users in Microsoft Business Account? I am the administrator.



If you are the administrator of your Microsoft Business account, you can follow this tutorial to go to the admin center to manage users in your organization.

1. Go to Microsoft 365 product website.

2. Click "Sign in" in the menu to login to your Microsoft Business Account.

3. Click and open the account menu at the top left corner of the screen.

4. Select "Admin". You see the admin center screen.

5. Click on "Users" tab. You see a list of existing users in your organization.

Now you can:

  • Click "Add a user" to add a new user.
  • Click on the user name to open user settings and to reset password, modify account info, and assign/remove licenses.
Microsoft 365 Business Admin Center - Manage Users
Microsoft 365 Business Admin Center - Manage Users

Note that the user name link is not working Safari on Mac computers. You need to use Google Chrome to manager users.


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