View Microsoft Business Account Details


How to view my Microsoft Business Account details?



You can follow this tutorial to view your Microsoft Business Account details.

1. Go to Microsoft 365 product website.

2. Click "Sign in" in the menu to login to your Microsoft Business Account.

3. Click your name initials on the top-right corner of the screen. And select "View account".

You see your account details organized into different sections:

Contact info - Your name, email address and phone number.

Security info - Keep your verification methods and security info.

Devices - List of your connected devices.

Password - Change your password.

Organizations - List of organizations you're part of.

Settings and Privacy - Personalize your account settings.

My sign-ins - List of previous sign-in activities.

Office apps - Install and manage Office applications.

Subscriptions - List of licenses assigned to you.

Microsoft 365 Business Account Details
Microsoft 365 Business Account Details


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