Registration Number Required by Microsoft


What is the registration number required by Microsoft?



When you signup for a Microsoft 365 Business Plan, Microsoft requires you to provide a Registration Number, which is the identification number of your business issued by your country.

For example, in the following screenshot, the label indicates that a CNPJ registration number is needed, if your business is in Brazil.

Registration Number Required by Microsoft 365 Business
Registration Number Required by Microsoft 365 Business

Here a list of identification number types you should use depending on the country where your business is registrated.

  • Brazil: CNPJ - (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica, or National Registry of Legal Entities). This is an identification number issued to Brazilian companies by the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil.
  • China: TIN - Tax Identification number
  • Hungary: TIN - Tax Identification number
  • India: Tax ID PAN - (Presence Across Nation) PAN India Involvement means that there is one organization that is operating at several locations in India.
  • South Africa: TRN - taxpayer reference number
  • Thailand: TIN - Tax Identification number
  • Turkey: TIN - Tax Identification number
  • United States: EIN - Employer Identification number

Note that your business account will not be activated until your registration number is reviewed by Microsoft. During this period, you will see this message on your account:

Your account is under review 

Until the review is complete, you won't be able to buy 
new products or services and some actions on your subscriptions will 
be restricted.

Check your account status on Billing accounts. We will notify you 
by email once the review is complete.

The review process will take several hours or few days.


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