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How to signup Microsoft 365 Business Plan for 1 month for free?



If you own a small business, you can try a Microsoft 365 Business Plan for free for 1 month as described below.

1. Go to Microsoft 365 product website.

2. Click "Buy Now" in the menu and select the "Business" tab. You see a list of Microsoft 365 Business Plans.

3. Click "Or try free for 1 month" in the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan. You see the setup page for Microsoft 365 Business Standard Trial.

4. On Step 1, enter your business email address, like "". Don't use your personal email address, like "".

5. Click "Next". Microsoft will check to see if there is an Microsoft account for this email address.

6. If yes, login with your Microsoft password. If not, sign up for a Microsoft account.

7. On Step 2, enter your name, your business name, and other information as required by Microsoft.

8. Select a Microsoft sub-domain name like "", which will be used as your business email address provided by Microsoft like "".

8. On Step 3, decide how do you want to login to your Microsoft business account, or

9. On Step 4, not needed for the free trial.

10. On Step 5, confirm and finish the setup.

Setup Steps - Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Setup Steps - Microsoft 365 Business Standard

If your business is in United States, Microsoft will require you to provide the Employer Identification Number as the Registration Number during the setup process.

For some other countries, Microsoft will require a similar identification number. See the next tutorial for more details.


Registration Number Required by Microsoft

Microsoft 365 for Business Admin

Microsoft 365 for Business Admin

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