Open .mht Files Generated by Word in Firefox


How to open a Web Archive (.mht or .mhtml) file correctly in Firefox browser? I converted a word document into a Web Archive (.mht) file using Word. But I can open the .mht file only with Internet Explorer. What should I do to open a .mht file in Firefox browser?



The Web Archive (.mht or .mhtml) file format was introduced by Microsoft. By default, older version of Firefox can not open Web Archive files. But you can install the Firefox add-on called: Mozilla Archive Format, which supports the Web Archive file format.

1. Run Firefox and go to

2. Click the Install link and follow instructions to finish installing Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) add-on to Firefox,

3. Restart Firefox to allow Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) to be activated.

4. Open the Web Archive file, Word_Tutorials.mht. Now Firefox will open and display this Web Archive (.mht) file without any problem.

Firefox Add-on for Word Web Archive Format
Firefox Add-on for Word Web Archive Format


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