Add Ethernet Switch to Network


How to add an Ethernet switch to a IP network?



An Ethernet switch is a dummy device that allows you add more wired devices to a local network.

1. Connect the new switch to power supply.

2. Plug in a new Ethernet cable to a special socket called "Uplink" of the switch.

3. Plug in the other end of the cable to a "normal" port of an existing router or switch on the local network.

Now more wired devices can be connected to "normal" port to join the same local network as shown below.

Add Ethernet Switch to Network
Add Ethernet Switch to Network (

Note that an Ethernet switch will provide 2 socket for a special port, for example Port #1 in the above picture. One is an "Uplink" socket as labeled on the left and one a "Normal" socket on the right. You should not use the "Normal" socket of this special port.

Inside the "Uplink" socket, the transmit and receive wires are crossed over, in order to join the switch to the network. Without the "Uplink" socket, you have to use a crossover cable to connect the swicth to the network.

Also note that there is no IP address for the switch, since it's a dummy device.


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