Simple WiFi Router Configuration


How to create a simple configuration for a WiFi Router?



The simplest configuration for a WiFi router is to put all wired and wireless devices into a single subnet as shown in this tutorial.

1. Turn on the WiFi router.

2. Connect your computer to a LAN port on the WiFi router with an Ethernet cable. By default your computer and the router will form a subnet.

3. Run "ipconfig" or "ifconfig" command to find out the IP of the router on the default subnet. If you see the following, the router's IP address is

fyicenter> ipconfig /all

0 Ethernet adapter :
Physical Address. . . . . . : 44-44-44-54-00-00
IP Address. . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . :

4. Open the router's Web portal with "" in a browser. And log in with the default user name and password provided in the manual.

5. Review WAN settings to match what is given by your ISP.

6. Review LAN settings. The following default should be fine.

Local IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

DHCP Service: ON
Starting IP:
Ending IP:

7. Review WiFi settings. Change the SSID name and the password.

SSID: MyOfficWiFi
Security Option: WPA2-PSK
Password: DontTellAnyOne

8. Connect all wired and wireless devices to the router. Everything should be working.

The following picture shows you a simple WiFi Router configuration with 3 wired or wireless devices as a single subnet.

WiFi Router in a Simple Configuration
WiFi Router in a Simple Configuration (


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