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What is OpenOffice User Profile?



An OpenOffice User Profile is a collection of information, such as preferences, templates, backups, recent document file names, etc., for a single user of OpenOffice.

User Profile Location - Your user profile is stored in a sub-directory in your home directory. The sub-directory name is different for different computer systems:

  <user home>\AppData\Roaming\OpenOffice\4\user
  <user home>/Library/Application Support/OpenOffice/4/user 
  <user home>/.openoffice/4/user

Copy User Profile - If you changed your computer and want to continue your old profile on the new computer, you can simple copy the entire profile sub-directory from the old computer to the new computer.

Reset User Profile - If your user profile gets corrupted and causes problems to use OpenOffice, you can simple delete the entire profile sub-directory as described below:

  • Close all OpenOffice documents and quit the application completely.
  • Delete the User Profile sub-directory, or move it to a different location as a backup.
  • Start OpenOffice again. It will create a new user profile for you.

User Profile Files - Your user profile are actually divided into files and sub-directories as listed below:

  • autocorr: table of replacement for Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Replace tab.
  • autotext: your AutoText entries.
  • backup: backup files if you've activated the feature in Tools > Options > Load/Save> General, Always create a backup copy.
  • basic: contains all the macros you've installed.
  • config: some configuration files, especially toolbars for each module and the color palette
  • crashdata: files contains crash data for reporting purpose.
  • database: registered databases.
  • extensions: registered extensions.
  • gallery: customized gallery (Tools > Gallery).
  • psprint: files supporint PS printing
  • Scripts: script files.
  • store: not sure.
  • temp: temporary files
  • template: where are stored your custom templates (File > Templates > Organize > My Templates)..
  • uno_packages: where are stored the extensions installed for the user only
  • wordbook: contains the standard.dic dictionary and the custom dictionaries


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