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How to Install Custom Fields Module on Form Tools?



Custom Fields module lets you construct your own field types for use in your forms. Need to add some settings to an existing field type? A new validation rule? A totally new field type? This is the place!

Custom Fields module is not included in the Core distribution package. Here is what you can do to download and install Custom Fields module on my macOS.

1. Go to Form Tools module Website at

2. Click "Download" in the Custom Fields line.

3. Open the downloaded file:

fyicenter$ tar -xf module-custom_fields-2.1.0.tar

4. Move and rename it to module folder to the Web server. Remember to remove the "module_" prefix and the "_2.1.0" version suffix from the module folder name.

fyicenter$ sudo module-custom_fields-2.1.0 \

5. Log in to Form Tools as Admin and click "Modules" on the left menu.

6. Click "Refresh Module List" You should see "Custom Fields" included in the module list.

7. Click "INSTALL" in the "Custom Fields" line. You should see "Custom Fields" installed.

8. You can follow the same process to download and install other modules.


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