Data Visualization Module


What Is Data Visualization Module?



Data Visualization module utilizes Google Charts API to create custom graphs and charts of your form submission data, providing an alternative, visual interpretation of your data.

But it only supports 2 types of Visualizations:

1. Activity Chart - It presents the number of submissions received for a given form in each time period.

2. Field Chart - It presents the distribution pattern of received values for a given form field.

Here is how to create a new Visualization:

1. Log in as Administrator and click "Modules" on the left menu. You should see a list of installed modules.

2. Click "SELECT" in the "Data Visualization" line. You should a list of visualizations you have created so far.

3. Click "Create New Visualization" button. You should see the chart type selection page.

4. Select the chart type and finish defining your new chart.

5. Go back to open a form data search page. You should see a new visualization icon.

6. Click on the visualization icon. You should see the visualization charts.

Note that client access permissions of visualization charts are associated with with form and form view permissions.

Form Tools - Data Visualization Module
Form Tools - Data Visualization Module


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