Add a Client Account


How to add a new client account on Form Tools?



Once a form is created, you need to add some client accounts for other users to log in to Form Tools to submit format data or view existing form data.

1. Log in to Form Tools as Adminstrator.

2. Click "CLients" from the left menu. You should see a list of existing client accounts followed by the "Add Client" button.

3. Click on "Add Client". You should see the Add Client page.

4. Enter a new client profile and password.

Name: Amy Lee
Username: amy
Password: @my

5. Click "Add Client". You should see the client account detailed information.

6. Click "Settings" tab. You should see customization settings for the account.

7. Click "Forms" tab. You should a list of forms and form views that are authorized for this account.

8. Click "Update" to save changes.

Form Tools - Client Account Permission
Form Tools - Client Account Permission


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