Export Manager Module


What Is Export Manager Module?

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Export Manager module provides 4 built-in export types: HTML, Excel, XML and CSV.

Export Manager module also allows you to define your own ways of exporting form submission data for view / download.

Here is how to turn on and off export types defined in the Export Manager.

1. Log in as Administrator and click "Modules" on the left menu. You should see a list of installed modules.

2. Click "SELECT" in the "Export Manager" line. You should a list of export type groups and number of types in each group.

3. Click the "Edit" icon in given group. You should see the group definition page.

4. Click "Show" or "Hide" to turn on or off this group.

5. Click "Export Types" tab to create and manage export types in this group.

Form Tools - Export Manager Module
Form Tools - Export Manager Module


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