Websites Sending Cookies to Mozilla Firefox 2.0


How do I know what cookies a Website is sending to Mozilla Firefox 2.0?



When you are visiting a Website, it sends cookies to Mozilla Firefox. If you want to know what cookies a Website is sending to your computer, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Run Mozilla Firefox 2 and visit

2. Click the Personalized Home link.

3. Go to menu Tools and select Options. The Options dialog box shows up.

4. Click Privacy tab. The privacy settings shows up as in the picture below:
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Options Privacy Settings.

5. Click "Show Cookies" button. The Cookies dialog box shows up with listed in cookie site section.

6. Click on in the site list and select cookie name "PREF". You see all details of this cookie received from

    Name: PREF
 Content: ID=ae0d5ef45867f4d3:TM=1166285198:LM=1166295577...
    Path: /
Send For: Any type fo connection
 Expires: Sunday, January 17, 2038 2:13:48 PM

You can also view other cookies from other Websites you have visited previously as shown in this picture:
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Viewing Cookies.


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