PUP-XAO-ME Detected When Installing WinZip 21.0


Why I am getting the PUP-XAO-ME warning from McAfee when installing WinZip 21.0?

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You are getting the PUP-XAO-ME warning message from McAfee when installing WinZip 21.0, because WinZip is trying to download and install a bundled PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). PUP-XAO-ME is probably the code name by McAfee for this PUP.

Here is an example of the PUP-XAO-ME warning from McAfee:

Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked

McAfee prevented a potentially unwanted program from running.
Protect your PC by only allowing programs you trust.

About This Potentially Unwanted Program
Quarantined From: C:\Users\fyi\AppData\Local\Temp\in0F61D0A5\1E580FF0_stp\setup.exe

[Close] [Remove] [Allow]

You should click the "Remove" button. If you make a mistake and click "Allow", you will be getting something unkown to your computer.

WinZip 21.0 Installation - PUP-XAO-ME Blocked by McAfee


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