Decline Dropbox Offer When Installing WinZip 21.0


How to avoid install Dropbox when installing WinZip 21.0?



When you are installing WinZip 21.0 evaluation version (winzip21-home.exe), you have to be careful to avoid installing Dropbox.

WinZip 21.0 evaluation version is a nasty package, it will try to install other promotional software and services to your computer. You can following these guidelines to avoid them.

1. Read the detailed information on the installation screen before before clicking the "Next" button.

2. Look for buttons other than "Next", like "Decline". They might be displayed in grayed out colors to discourage you to click. But the "Decline" button is probably the right choice to skip the promotional offer.

For example, the Dropbox screen will display the following information:

Access your files on any device

Join the 500 million people who are collaborating with Dropbox

By clicking "Next" you agree to install Dropbox and to the 
End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.
This software can be removed anytime via the add/remove program utility.

[Decline]   [Next]

You should click the "Decline" button. If you make a mistake and click "Next", you will be getting Dropbox program to your computer.

WinZip 21.0 Installation - Decline Dropbox Offer
WinZip 21.0 Installation - Decline Dropbox Offer


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