Run WinZip 21.0 as Evaluation Version on Windows


How to run WinZip 21.0 as an evaluation version? I want to try it.



If you have WinZip 21.0 installed as described in the previous tutorial, you can WinZip 2.0 as an evaluation version using these steps:

1. Click "Start > All Programs > WinZip 21.0 > WinZip 21.0" menu. You see the WinZip registration screen showing up.

2. Click the "Use Evalution Version" button. You see the "Check for WinZip Update" screen showing up.

3. Click "Don't check and don't ask me again" option. You see WinZip main screen showing up.

You can use WinZip to add files to a ZIP file or extract files from a ZIP file now.

WinZip 21.0 - Use Evaluation Versoin
WinZip 21.0 - Use Evaluation Versoin


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