Skype Pricing Options and Rates


What are current Skype Pricing Options and Rates?



Skype offers reasonable prices for calling mobiles and landlines with different options. Here are some example of their current rates:

1. Pay As You Go:

Calls to Mexico - 1¢/min.
Calls to India - 1.5¢/min
Calls to China - 2¢/min.
Calls to US and Canada - 2.3¢/min.
SMS to China - 5.5¢/message
SMS to India - 7.7¢/message
SMS to US and Canada - 11.2¢/message
SMS to Mexico - 31.2¢/message

2. Subscriptions:

Unlimited Calls to US and Canada - $2.99/month

Unlimited Calls to North America - $6.99/month
   All phones in US & Canada and landlines only in Mexican cities 
   (Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey).

Unlimited Calls Worldwide - $13.99/month
   Includes USA, UK, China and over 60 other countries; excluding 
   Colombian rural areas - LEX.


For the full list of current Skype rates, go visit


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