What Is Chromecast


What is Chromecast?

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Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device produced by Google that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favorite entertainment and apps right to the big screen.

Google Cast–enabled Apps - Mobile apps and web apps that have built-in support of Chromecast can use Chromecast to play media on TV. For example, YouTube is cast–enabled and you can cast any shows on YouTube on your phone to your TV through Chromecast. Once casted, your phone is free to receive calls or run other apps.

Mirror What You See in Chrome Browser - Chrome Browser on mobiles and desktops can use Chromecast to mirror what you see in the browser on TV. For example, if a Website displays an embedded video in the Chrome browser on your Windows computer, you can mirror the video on your TV through Chromecast. Once casted, the video is played both on your computer and on your TV.

For more information, see Chromecast home page.

Google Chromecast Device

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