Upload Files to Microsoft OneDrive


How to upload files to Microsoft OneDrive?

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Uploading files to Microsoft OneDrive from your local device helps you to:

  • Backup files - If you lost or damaged files on your local device, you can get them back from OneDrive.
  • Transfer files to other devices - You can upload files from one device and download from another device to transfer large files.
  • Share files with friends - You can upload files and share them with friends by giving them a link to download.
  • Use Office365 to edit documents online - You can upload Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents and use Office365 to edit them online for free.

To upload files, click "Upload" from the top menu.

Then select "Files" or "Folder", if you want just upload few files or the entire folder from the local device.

The picture below shows you how to upload files and folders to Microsoft OneDrive.

Upload Files and Folders to Microsoft OneDrive
Upload Files and Folders to Microsoft OneDrive


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