Use Notepad for Source Code with Mozilla Firefox 2.0


How to configure Mozilla Firefox to use Notepad to edit Web page source code?



By default, when you use the View > Page Source menu command, Mozilla Firefox will display the page source code in the browser window. If you want to change this default behavior to use your favorite text editor, like Notepad, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Run Mozilla Firefox, and enter a special Website address "about:config" in the address field. The complete list of configuration settings shows up.

2. Scroll down the list to find the setting: view_source.editor.external. Double click this setting to change the value to "true".

3. Scroll down the list to find the setting: view_source.editor.path. Double click this setting. The "Enter string value" dialog box shows up.

4. Enter the path name for Notepad as: C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe. Click OK to save the change.

5. Now visit Website, click menu View > Page Source. The page source code will show up in Notepad.


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