What Is OneDrive for Windows


What Is OneDrive for Windows?

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OneDrive for Windows is a Windows application that will create a local OneDrive folder and keep it synchronized with files in your OneDrive cloud storage.

Main features of OneDrive for Windows:

  • It maintains a OneDrive folder on your local computer.
  • It keeps file in the OneDrive folder in sync with your storage in OneDrive cloud.
  • You can manage files in the OneDrive folder like any other local files. But changes will be pushed up from local computer to the OneDrive cloud.
  • You can continue to manage file in OneDrive cloud with Web browsers. But changes will be pulled down to local computer from the OneDrive cloud.

The picture below shows you how to OneDrive for Windows can sync local files with OneDrive cloud and other devices:

OneDrive for Windows Sync Files
OneDrive for Windows Sync Files


Download and Install OneDrive for Windows

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows

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