tasklist.exe and Chrome Task Manager


How to compare "tasklist.exe" output with Google Chrome Task Manager task list?

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You can follow this tutorial to compare "tasklist.exe" output with Google Chrome Task Manager task list.

1. Run Google Chrome on Windows and open the Task Manager in Chrome as described in the previous tutorial.

Task                   Memory   CPU     Network   Process ID
====                   ======   ===     =======   ==========
Browser              120,072K   2.7           0        10564
GPU Process           67,656K   0.8           0        11060
Tab: Technology FAQ    89,304K   0.8           0         5860
Tab: Family Guy       95,204K   2.7   55.7 KB/s         6280

2. Open a command line window and run the following command:

c:\fyicenter> tasklist.exe

Image Name     PID   Session Name   Session#   Mem Usage
==========   =====   ============   ========   =========
chrome.exe   10564   Console               1   191,392 K
chrome.exe   11060   Console               1    96,356 K
chrome.exe    5860   Console               1    68,212 K
chrome.exe    6280   Console               1   153,684 K

So the output from the "tasklist.exe" command matches well with the list from the Task Manager in Google Chrome.

But the Task Manager list gives better information about each Chrome process.

If you keep opening more Websites in additional tabs, you will get more processes running in your computer. So do not open too many tabs in Google Chrome.


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