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What are those search options provided on Library Genesis?



Library Genesis provides 3 types of search options:

1. Search in fields - The entered keywords will be used to search in the specified fields in the database.

  • Title - Field for the title of the publication.
  • Author(s) - Field for the authors of the publication.
  • Series - Field for the series title of the publication. For example, if a publication is article in a journal, the journal name is the series title.
  • Year - Field for the publication of the publication.
  • ISBN - Field for the ISBN number of the publication.

2. Search in objects - Objects are different data structures in the Library Genesis database designed to record the following different types of information. See related tutorials for more details.

  • Files - To record specific files associated with publications, like PDF files and ePub files.
  • Editions - To record editions of publications, like the Second Edition of a book.
  • Works - To record detailed information about unique works. For example, a book of multiple editions and publication formats is considered as a single work.
  • Authors - To record detailed information about authors.
  • Publishers - To record detailed information about publishers.
  • Series - To record series of publications, like a series of similar books by the same author or publisher.

3. Search in topics - Topics are in categories of publications:

  • Libgen - Publications archived at Library Genesis.
  • Comics -
  • Fiction -
  • Scientific Articles - Papers published in scientific journals.
  • Magazines -
  • Fiction RUS - Publications related to Russia.
  • Standards - Publications of industry standards.
Search Options on Library Genesis
Search Options on Library Genesis


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