Macro to Replace Table Styles in Microsoft Word


How to find and replace all instances of a table style with another with a macro Microsoft Word? I have a large document with many tables. My boss wants me to replace the style on all tables.



If you want to do global replacement of a table style in Microsoft Word you can write a Macro to get it done. The "Find and Replace" dialog box does not support table style replacement.

1. Click "Developer" > "Macros". You see the macros management screen.

2. Enter "FindAndReplaceTableStyle" as the name of the new macro and click "Create" button. You see the "Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications" screen.

3. Enter the following code in the Code area:

Sub FindAndReplaceTableStyle()
  Dim t As Table
  For Each t In ActiveDocument.Tables
    If t.Style.NameLocal = "Table Dark" Then
      t.Style = "Table Gray"
    End If
  Next t
End Sub

4. Click "Run" icon to execute the macro. You see all tables changed from "Table Dark" to "Table Gray" style.


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