Attach Style Template File in Microsoft Word


How to attach a style Template File to an existing Microsoft Word document? I want to keep some old styles in my old document and start to use some new styles defined in the style template file.



Let's say you have an existing Microsoft Word document that has some good style. But someone gives you a new style template file that improved some your styles. You can follow these steps to attach the new style template file to the existing document, to make those new style available to your existing document.

1. Open the existing document.

2. Click menu File > Options. You see the "Word Options" screen.

3. Click "Add-ins" from the left panel. You see add-ins options displayed.

4. Go to the "Manage" dropdown list near the bottom, select "Templates" and click "Go…". You see the "Templates and Add-ins" screen.

5. On the "Templates" tab, click the "Attach…" button under the "Document template" section. You see the file browse and select screen.

6. Browse and select the new style template file, and click "Open" to finish the selection.

7. Check the "Automatically update document styles" checkbox below the style template file selection.

8. Click "OK" on the "Templates and Add-ins" screen. New styles from the template file will override old styles in the existing document if they have the same style names.


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