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How to hide styles in Microsoft Word? I want to hide other Microsoft styles in my template so others can only use my styles.

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If you have developed your own style in a template and want to others to use only your styles, you can use these steps to hide other styles:

1. Click Home > More style icon. You see "Apply Styles" box.

2. Click "Styles" icon. You see a list of styles.
Microsoft Word Style List

3. Click "Manage Styles" icon. You see "Manage Styles" box.

4. Click "Restrict" tab.

5. Click to select a style you want to hide and click "Restrict" button. You see a lock sign displayed next to the selected style.

6. Click "Permit" to remove the lock sign, if you want to un-hide it.

7. Check "Limit formatting to permitted styles" check box.
Microsoft Word - Hide Styles

6. Click "OK". Then enter a password to protect this restriction.

From now on, anyone uses this template will not be able to see those hidden styles.

You can use the same steps to hide styles in your documents too.


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