Structure of DITA Documents


What is the structure of a DITA Document?



A DITA document is usually organized as multiple XML files:

  • Multiple DITA Topic Files - Each topic file is an XML file that describes one topic for a given task, a concept, a reference, a glossary entry or a troubleshooting issue.
  • One DITA Map File - An XML file that list all topic files together as a document.

Here is an example of DITA map file:

<!DOCTYPE map PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Map//EN" "map.dtd">
<map id="map1234" xml:lang="en">
  <topicref format="dita" href="/introduction.xml" navtitle="Introduction" 
  <topicref format="dita" href="/basics.xml" navtitle="Basics" 
  <topicref format="dita" href="/summary.xml" navtitle="Summary" 


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