Publish FrameMaker Book as Basic HTML


How to publish a FrameMaker book in Basic HTML format? I just want to convert my book to simple Web pages.



You can follow this tutorial to publish your FrameMaker book to simple Web pages using the Basic HTML format.

1. Open the FrameMaker book like, and click "Edit > Update Book" menu to ensure the entire book is updated.

2. Select the FrameMaker book in the book panel on the left. Then click "File > Publish" menu You see the "Publish" screen.

3. Select "Basic HTML" from the output type list. And set the "Output Folder" to "\fyicenter\FrameMaker".

4. Click the "Generate Selected Output" icon. You see the "Publish Result" screen after the generation process is done.

5. Click "Done".

Basic HTML files for your FrameMaker book are generated now.

The picture below shows you how to publish FrameMaker book as basic HTML format:
Publish FrameMaker Book as Basic HTML


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