Install FrameMaker 2017 Release


How to install FrameMaker 2017 Release for my Windows computer? I have downloaded the trial version.



You can follow this tutorial to install the trial version of FrameMaker 2017 Release for Windows computer.

1. Click the "Install Now" button on the Akamai Download Manager screen, after the download is completed.

2. Click the "Open" button on the "Open File 'FrameMaker_14_LREFDJ.exe'" screen. You see the "Adobe FrameMaker 2017" screen showing up.

3. Change the installation folder to \local\FrameMaker. And click "Next". You see the progress bar of "Preparing files".

4. Wait for all installation files are prepared. You see the Adobe Installer screen showing up.

5. Select "Try", when you are prompt to with 2 options: "Install" or "Try".

6. Sign in with your Adobe ID, when you see the login screen.

7. Click the "Accept" button, when you see the License Agreement screen.

8. Change location to "\local\Adobe" when you see the "Options" screen. Then click the "Install" button to start installing FrameMaker 2017.

9. You may need to stop some other applications like Outlook and Microsoft World, when you are prompted for.

9. Wait for the "Installation Complete" screen.

The picture below shows you how to install FrameMaker 2017 for Windows:
Install FrameMaker 2017 Release


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