Manage Flash Player 25 Addon on Internet Explorer


How to manage Flash Player 25 addon for Internet Explorer 11 on my Windows 7 computer? I have installed Flash Player 25 addon manually and want to see and manage the addon in Internet Explorer.



If you have installed the Flash Player 25 addon, you can follow these steps to see and manage it in Internet Explorer 11:

1. Run Internet Explorer 11 and click "Settings > Manage add-ons". You see Internet Explorer addon screen showing up.

2. Click "Toolbars and Extensions" in the menu on the left. You see a list on add-ons showing up.

3. Locate the "Shockwave Flash Object" add-on, which is another name for the Flash Player add-on.

4. Click "More information" in the lower part of the screen to see details of the Flash Player add-on. It tells you that the add-on is actually an ActiveX Control (.ocx) file.

5. Click to "Disable" button, if you want to disable temporarily. You can enable it later agaion.

Manage Adobe Flash Player 25 Addon for Internet Explorer


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