Indexing .pst and .ost Files for Outlook 2010


How to ensure Windows is indexing my Outlook 2010 emails that are cached in Outlook Data (.pst) and Offline Outlook Data (.ost) files?



When Windows is indexing email items stored in Outlook Data (.pst) and Offline Outlook Data (.ost) files, it needs the "Office Outlook MSG IFilter" to help the indexing process.

So if you are using .pst and .ost files for Outlook 2010, you need to ensure "Office Outlook MSG IFilter" turned on in in Windows Indexing Options.

1. On Windows desktop, search and run "Indexing Options". The Indexing Options dialog box will show up.

2. In the Indexing Options dialog box, click Advanced, then click the File Types tab.

3. Scroll down until you find "msg" in the Extension column. Click "msg" to turn it on.

4. Also turn on the "Index Properties and File Contents" option below the file type list.

5. Click OK and Close the dialog box.

Outlook 2007 File Type .msg Included in Windows Indexing


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