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How to install Mozilla Firefox 50.1? I have the downloaded file: "Firefox Setup 50.1.0.exe" on my computer.



If you followed our "Download Mozilla Firefox 50.1" tutorial, you can follow this tutorial to install Mozilla Firefox 50.1.

1. Double click the downloaded file, "Firefox Setup 50.1.0.exe", to start the installation process.

2. Click "OK" or "Allow" button, if Windows prompts you to confirm to start the process. You see the Mozilla Firefox Setup screen showing up.

3. Click "Next" button on the "Welcome to the Mizilla Firefox Setup Wizard" screen. You see the installation "Summary" screen showing up.

4. Review the installation settings:

Firefox will be installed to the following location:
   C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
[x] Use Firefox as my default web browser

5. Click "Install" on the "Summary" screen. You see the "Installing" progress screen showing up.

6. Click "Next" when the installation process bar reaches the end. You see the "Completing the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard" screen showing up.

7. Click "Finish" with the "Launch Firefox now" checked. You see Firefox browser window showing up.

The Mozilla Firefox 50.1 installation screens are listed below:

Mozilla Firefox 50.1 Installation Screens
Mozilla Firefox 50.1 Installation Screens


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